OPUS - The Original OPUS

The OPUSĀ® is our original folding camper, ideal for a family or adventurous group that need space, comfort and convenience that can be towed behind a typical family SUV.


The OPUS weighs in at just 1550lbs so is light enough that it can be towed by most family SUVs, whilst still being incredibly strong to haul all your gear.

Luxury Camping

The true definition of glamping, the OPUS allows you to bring the comforts of home with you without compromising that camping feeling.

So Much Space

With 8ft ceilings, and 20ft of living space inside, the OPUS is anything but cramped, and it all neatly packs up to store in your garage!

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The Original OPUS The Original OPUS

The Original OPUS

The Original OPUS

OPUS Off-Road Floor Plan - 4-berth

OPUS Off-Road Floor Plan
  1. Double Bed
  2. Leatherette Club Lounge
  3. Portable Table
  4. Refrigerator
  5. Portable Toilet
  6. Double Bed
  7. Gas Stove
  8. Sink with Electric Pump

The 360° Interior

To view a 360° interior, please click on the image below. Please be patient for the application to load (approx. 9MB).

The 360 degrees Interior

Available in 2 colours