OPUS Options: Extras

Nemesis Wheel Lock

Price: $249

The Nemesis Ultra Wheel Lock is one of the most secure wheel locks money can buy. It is the only wheel lock to ever be Thatcham Category 3 approved, meaning that it has stood up to one of the most rigorous tests possible, and even withstood the use of an angle grinder. This wheel lock from Full Stop Security's Thatcham Approved range has a patented design is slim line and easy to use. It is suitable for both Steel and Alloy wheels.

Nemesis Wheel Lock

Shore Power Extension Lead

Price: $69

Running your OPUS electrics from 120v Mains is by far the most effective. This mains lead cable is perfect for connecting your OPUS' electrics to any US 120 volt 30Ah site hookup. The mains lead consists of site mains plug, RV mains socket and 3 core mains cable rated at 30amp @ 120v AC.

Mains Extension Lead

12 Volt 110 Ah Leisure Battery

Price: $199

A leisure battery is a really useful addition to your OPUS. Leisure batteries are specifically manufactured for the demands of constant low-current drain use as apposed to the short bursts of high power given by a car battery. This is what sets a leisure battery apart from a standard large battery like a car battery. As we know OPUS explorers venture all over the place, and we understand that sometimes mains power is not going to be available. So when you are well of the beaten track it be pretty useful to maintain lighting, heating and refrigeration, and that is where a leisure battery becomes vital. Because eating gone of food and drinking warm beer in the dark is far from ideal.


Enduro Remote Control Motor Mover

Price: $999

We all know OPUS is light weight, but it can still be quite tricky to move, especially if you are alone, on rough terrain or need to move up a slope. The best solution for making manoeuvring and hitching a breeze is the addition or a remote control motor mover. Moving your OPUS then couldn't be easier, simply engage the motors onto the tyres using a crank lever, and you can then move your OPUS around via remote control. Enduro is one of the biggest names in the Motor Mover Market and is controlled by Quattro Intelligent Electronics. The Enduro motor mover uses to 12v motors (leisure battery required) to move your OPUS. It is capable of rotating 360º and can move an OPUS up a 1-in-4 slope. The price includes factory fitting of the Enduro Remote Motor Mover to your OPUS.

Enduro Remote Control Motor Mover

Water and Waste Carriers

Price: $149 Each

These water tanks are a really useful addition to your OPUS. The 6gl capacity of the water carrier gives you the ability to store enough water to wash your hands, brush your teeth and rinse your salad when running fresh water is not so easy to come by. All the waste water is then stored in another tank for easy disposal. The OPUS is pre fitted with external storage space for one of each of these tanks making them easy to store and transport.

Water and Waste Carriers

OPUS Roof Rack Bar

$519 (OPUS Off-Road, Rhino-Rack© roof bars)

One of the best features of OPUS is its load carrying ability. The OPUS lid is fitted with universal roof bar fitting brackets. This set of two high quality lockable roof bars made from lightweight aluminium with smooth end moulded caps.

OPUS  Roof Rack Bar

Bike Carrier

OPUS Original Roof-mounted - $149 each

OPUS Off-Road Rear mounted - $199 (Holds 4 bikes)

Kayak Carrier

Price: $99 each

Taking your OPUS on a mountain biking adventure? Fancy a paddle down the river? With these carriers you can take your mountain bikes or kayaks with you when you go away in your OPUS. The OPUS is capable of taking up to two carrier. Made from lightweight aluminium the Bike and Kayak Carriers are specially designed to allow secure fixing of your chosen item to your roof bars. Roof bars are required for the fixing of these carriers.

Corner Steady Feet

Price: x4 $

If you are planning to spend the night on soft ground you may find that your corner steady legs can dig into the ground. These clip on plastic corner steady feet spread the weight over a greater surface area, meaning your corner steady legs are a lot less likely to sink into the ground.

Corner Steady Feet

Aquacube Portable Shower

Price: $399 (OPUS Original Only)
Contact OPUS HQ for Water Heating options for the OPUS Off-Road.

The Aquacube Instant Hot Water or Portable Shower is the most advanced hot water generator in the world, being both digital and cordless giving you hot water on demand. Featuring a digital temperature readout, upgraded connections and controls, as well as running from compact and light weight propane cartridges it is truly one of the easiest ways to have hot showers whilst camping.

Aquacube Portable Shower

Shower Tent

Price: $

Clean Up in Comfort and Style with this Great Shower Tent. Roughing it is part of the fun when you go camping, but there's nothing better than washing up in the privacy of your own shower tent at the end of the day. Start your morning off with a brisk splash, or clean up after a long day outdoors. This is personal space at its best, with a generous base measuring 7 feet by 4 feet. The Dutch door zips tight for privacy, and two windows offer a good view as you enjoy a hot shower. The smart design works with any tank and pump setup, and it's perfect for outdoor hookups too.

Shower Tent

Light-A-Life LED Hanging Light

Price: $49

Add a little extra light to your Opus Camper with the Light-A-Life 12v hanging light. With its built in hanging chain this can be strung from the Opus living area or the bedroom sections for extra light at night. Bright LED light with 350 Lumens, and adjustable shade for lantern or focus light. Plus high/low setting and integrated cord makes this the perfect light for every adventure.

Light-A-Life LED Hanging Light

Lock'n'Roll Articulating Hitch

Price: $349 (OPUS Off-Road Only) 

Take your Off-road experience one-step further with the Lock'n'roll articulating hitch. With its 3-step pivot point design you can achieve ultimate manoeuvrability and the smoothest off-roading experience.


Spare Wheel & Carrier

Price: $199 (OPUS Original only)

Blow-outs and punctures happen, Fact. Why let that ruin your vacation? Never be caught short by always carrying your spare Opus Wheel so that you can carry on the adventure no matter where you are.

Upgraded Large storage box

Price: $500 (OPUS Original Only)

Need More storage space? Perhaps you want to also upgrade your OPUS Refrigerator or even add a second one? The large front storage box features our handy lockable doors that open on both sides of the camper and a pull-out tray to make it super easy to access your gear. Speak to us about installing an electric hook-up inside too!


Cargo Carrier

Price: $899 (OPUS Off-Road Only)

The easiest way to carry more gear, the OPUS Off-Road comes with the option to add our large roof-mounted cargo carrier. What makes this option even more convenient is the hydraulic-assist side hinge which means the cargo carrier remains installed even when your OPUS is in full set-up mode.